About BatchCAD

The Origin Story

BatchCAD had humble beginnings, born out of a genuine need in collaboration with a detailed steel company. Imagine a scenario where approximately 250 individual pieces of a project needed to be translated from digital designs to physical paper prints. In the face of such a daunting task, relying on manual printing was not only time-consuming but severely lacking in productivity.

In those early days, armed with only basic skills and a spark of innovation, the first version of BatchCAD came into existence. Written in Visual Basic, it might have been rudimentary, but it got the job done efficiently. For years, it served its purpose flawlessly, making the lives of professionals significantly easier.

Challenges and Transformation

However, progress doesn't stand still, and with the advent of Windows 10, compatibility issues surfaced. BatchCAD, once seamless, faced hurdles that demanded extensive modifications. Faced with this challenge, the application underwent a transformation.

With 12 years of invaluable experience in software development under the belt, BatchCAD was reborn. This time, it was reimagined and re-engineered using Python, a powerful and versatile programming language. The re-development not only addressed the compatibility concerns but also brought forth a more robust and efficient version of BatchCAD.

The OpenSource Initiative

But that's not where the journey ends. With a deep appreciation for the community and the spirit of collaboration, BatchCAD was released as an OpenSource software. This decision wasn't just about redistributing the application; it was about giving back to the community that thrives on shared knowledge and collective growth.

Now, BatchCAD stands not just as a solution for efficient batch printing in AutoCAD, but as a testament to the power of innovation, adaptability, and community support.

Join the BatchCAD Revolution

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