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About BatchCAD

BatchCAD, developed by IKUS Software, is a powerful and efficient AutoCAD utility designed to streamline your printing process. Say goodbye to manual printing hassles and hello to effortless batch printing. With BatchCAD, you can print hundreds of AutoCAD documents within minutes, saving you valuable time and effort.

Batch Printing

Print hundreds of AutoCAD documents in batch mode, reducing hours of work to mere minutes.

Printing Options

Customize printing configurations such as printer selection, print size, print area, and print style similar to the AutoCAD printing dialog.


Compatible with Windows 7 and  greater, also compatible with AutoCAD 2007 and newer versions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

PDF Conversion

Combine BatchCAD with a PDF printer to swiftly convert AutoCAD documents into PDF files, ready to be shared with clients and colleagues.

OpenSource and Free

BatchCAD is an OpenSource software provided free of charge for personal and business use, fostering collaboration and accessibility.

Why Choose BatchCAD?

Save Time and Effort

BatchCAD automates the tedious task of printing multiple AutoCAD documents. What would take hours manually can now be done within minutes, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your work.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Configure printing options precisely to your needs. Whether you need specific print sizes, styles, or areas, BatchCAD provides the flexibility you require, just like the AutoCAD printing dialog.

Cost-Effective Solution

BatchCAD is completely free of charge for both personal and business users. Enjoy the benefits of efficient batch printing without any financial burden.

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​Ready to simplify your AutoCAD printing process? Download BatchCAD now and experience the convenience of batch printing at its best. Join our growing community of satisfied users who have embraced the power of BatchCAD.

How BatchCAD Works

BatchCAD simplifies your printing process in just a few steps. When you launch BatchCAD, it immediately prompts you to select the files you want to print. You can then customize your printing configurations for all the selected files. Once you're satisfied with your settings, a single click on the "Start" button initiates the printing process. BatchCAD takes care of the rest – automatically opening each file and printing them according to your specified settings.

It's seamless, efficient, and designed to save you valuable time and effort.

BatchCAD main user interface

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